FM Automatic Regen Facepack


This facepack is inspired by the Automatic Regen Replacements v1.1 by fayon and the
OLT Expanded Hair Pack by O’Leary’s Trainee.

The pack includes unique 6980 player and 2561 non-player faces.

Hairstyles/faces are automatically generated and change from player to non-player when the player reaches age 35 or 40.


1) Save the downloaded FM17 Regens.rar to Football Manager 2017\data\facegen folder
2) Backup Football Manager 2017\data\facegen\hair and then delete the folder
3) Extract FM17 Regens.rar

4) To get rid of the Facegen appearing (neck and ears) behind regen pictures follow the next steps:
4.1) Go to Football Manager 2017\data\facegen\little_endian\model_sets\male\manager\face. Backup face folder, then delete all files inside of it.
4.2) Copy manager face.rar to Football Manager 2017\data\facegen\little_endian\model_sets\male\manager\face
4.3) Extract

5) Clear cache
6) Reload skin
7) Exit and restart Football Manager 2017

SI uses one folder for all of Asian regens. In default I have the Middle Eastern faces set as Asian. If you are playing in South Korea, Japan or China, you have to delete asian folder inside hair folder and extract east asia.rar

At the moment it’s not possible to set Oceanian and East African regens and they are all generated African.

For users who prefer the “Profile DF11 & Profile DF11 with signature” in Overview panel, download this facepack. The reason is Facegen pictures appear enlarged. All in all this applies mostly for CFM and Elegance skins.

Everyone who put endless hours of work on the Cut-Out Facepacks for Football Manager and East Side Hockey Manager series.